The company Bloukos General Disinfection , based in Kavala, was founded in 2002 and is active in the field of disinfection, disinfestations, rodenticides, issuing licenses for health stores, repelling snakes-birds, mosquito repellent – red palm beetle, Drone applications, precision farming and gardening projects.

The scientific staff of the company consists of Bloukos Evangelos , agronomist, member of the Entomological Society of Greece, and Bloukou Despina , hygienist-public health supervisor, with a master’s degree in “ APPLIED PUBLIC HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL HYGIENE ” of the Department of Medicine of the University of Thessaly.

The company has a special license for applications from the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and a special license for applications of public health services. It also has certificates of quality assurance system ISO 9001: 2015 , occupational health and safety management ISO 45001: 2018 , environmental management ISO 14001: 2015  and, finally, third party liability insurance coverage.

  • Immediate status assessment
  • Immediate intervention and troubleshooting
  • Adaptation of methods to the specifics of each space
  • Analysis and evaluation of results
  • Good hygiene rules applications
  • Reliability and responsibility in the services provided

high level of knowledge

The high level of knowledge and experience of the scientific staff in combination with the latest technology equipment enables the design and implementation of effective health care programs safely.

The company addresses: public services (regions, municipalities, hospitals, schools), individuals, health stores, cooperatives, ships, hotels, apartment buildings.

The methods and preparations used are approved by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, the Ministry of Health, the AEO and are in line with Community directives.

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